EPC and vEPC - Iskratel

Changing user habits

have created the need for ubiquitous connectivity on a massive scale. Iskratel’s EPC solutions fuse services in wireless networks to meet the booming demands for mobile broadband.
Iskratel's EPC is a complete and cost-effective solution for serving up to one million subscribers. It is customisable and flexible, enabling it to run different configurations to provide carrier-grade services.

The solution is applicable as a compact EPC-in-a-box or as highly scalable virtual EPC. The EPC-in-a-box is provided in a high-performance stackable system, with EPC entities located in a single box or distributed. Virtual EPC (vEPC) is a cloud-based, orchestrated solution, running on Iskratel Cloud-Services Platform.
  • 3GPP Release 13 compliant.
  • DPDK-enabled, optimised performance.
  • Effortlessly scalable, from 500 up to one million users.
  • Applicable in telco, enterprise, public safety, transport, energy or IoT solutions.
  • Interoperability with 3G and Wi-Fi networks.


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