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Software-defined broadband at its best,

provided by a proven industry leader. Iskratel’s solutions enable operators to deliver agile services that fit the end user’s requirements.
Intelligent Service Access

With ISA, Iskratel is the first solution provider to implement and deploy a true software-defined network (SDN) application. By deploying it, operators place themselves on a safe, secure and profitable path to fully SDN-enabled service-delivery networks.

ISA lets operators turn a dumb-pipe network into a value-added network, control the investment cycle and build a sustainable business model.
  • Distributed model of service delivery with awareness of individual service flows close to end users.
  • Guaranteed quality of service for each individual service session of end users.
  • Service modelling with reusable profile for simplified management and provisioning, reduced complexity and painless integration with existing OSS/BSS.
  • Increase ARPU with personalisation of services.
  • Zero-touch provisioning and centralised management for increased productivity and reduced OPEX.


Open Broadband Access

Open broadband access provides broadband customers with fair access to services provided by competing service providers. All the service providers share the same network provider’s resources.

To the customers, this open-access model gives a free choice of services and service providers. To individual service providers, it guarantees equal terms for their service offer to the end customers through the shared resources of a network provider.
  • Unique user experience for the subscribers with service packages from multiple providers.
  • Open market for service providers to compete for end users using the resources of the operator.
  • Pay as you grow and invest according to individual requirements.
  • Centralised management point within the ISA architecture for fully automated service provisioning in real time.
  • Reduced OPEX for service providers,  bandwidth-on-demand for end users.


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Software-defined broadband

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