The connectivity landscape is changing

and operators, enterprises and vertical industries are looking to modernise their networks. Iskratel delivers connectivity for both new and existing services using the latest transport-network technologies.
Network Connectivity

Iskratel provides network-connectivity solutions for a range of solutions that enable operators, enterprises and vertical industry sectors to efficiently modernise their networks, provide connectivity for their existing services and smoothly introduce new services that exploit the benefits of a flexible and extendable transport network.

Business Connectivity

Iskratel offers solutions for Ethernet VPN services and data-centre connectivity. A variety of MEF-compliant Ethernet E-Line and E-LAN services with a full set of QoS and traffic-management capabilities is supported. Centralised management and provisioning that exploits service modelling with profiles decreases the operational costs while ensuring proper policy enforcement.
  • Enables operators, enterprises and vertical industry sectors to modernise their networks and introduce new services.
  • Supports a variety of reliable transport-network solutions and technologies.
  • Allows for a painless transition from legacy technologies without disruptions to critical services.


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