The economy is facing a new industrial revolution, where the main challenge is autonomy, automation and digitalization, relying on the materialization of large amounts of data. Current models of industrial and social operation have become too wasteful, inefficient, and harmful to the environment and overall quality of life. Accelerating automation process and machinery autonomy while also improving the interaction between humans and machines (human-human, human-machine, and machine-machine) can dramatically raise the quality, efficiency, and safety of life and production.

All around the world, large 5G solution providers are focusing for the next 5 years on telecommunications service providers, following the direction of even better and faster mobile services for their end users. However, Iskratel believes that the real benefit of the 5G technology is brought by its application in various industry sectors, including smart cities/communities, manufacturing, energy and transport sector, private and public sector. Technological advantages of 5G can prove more useful in industries, transport, energy, in the field of public safety, and in smart cities.

The 5G technology enables efficient digitalization by connecting people and the surrounding physical world; digitally transformed solutions can improve our quality of life, enhance productivity, and support sustainable economy and low-carbon society.

While developing business models, Iskratel consistently follows the guidelines and directives of circular economy, reducing the adverse effects of new technologies on health and the environment. And we firmly believe new approaches make it possible.

As a regional and global company, Iskratel has gained recognition by execution of several high-profile technological projects on the basis of new ICT technologies in the field of industry and public safety, such as:

  • One of the world‘s biggest 112 project (Russian Federation),
  • The world‘s first commercial LTE based smart grid (Enel), and
  • The world‘s first commercial LTE MVNO for public safety (Finish Government).
  • The world‘s first national-wide eCall implementation (Slovenia)
  • Market leadership in railways operational communications (Germany, Russian Federation,
  • Ukraine, Kazakhstan)

In Slovenia, Iskratel was the first to demonstrate a use case for industry by using 5G technology in a Smart Factory. Now, it's time to take a step forward. Iskratel is therefore looking for ideas and solutions related to the 5G technology and intended for use in industries, public safety, and smart cities. 

Iskratel has the ambition and the potential to become the key and leading provider of solutions for the industry in a region where the 5G technology is used to leverage large-scale application. And in 2020 it wishes to showcase key application examples of 5G in industries.