FAQ - Iskratel

Who can apply?

Anyone with an idea and the desire to see that idea come to life in a real environment. Students, professionals, startups, thinkers and enthusiasts—everyone is welcome, as long as you are ambitious, understand the challenge and are ready to contribute your creativity to the success of the group.

The application requires submitting my idea—how detailed must it be?

What really matters is that you have an idea! Explain it in a couple of sentences in your application, that will suffice for the start. Proposing an idea is a prerequisite for entering the contest; the committee will be particularly interested in original ideas when selecting the candidates. Therefore, a more elaborate concept may prove an advantage in the selection of participants for the hackhathon. So do not hesitate to submit your thoughts, ideas, and brainwaves. Consider what problem or need the idea addresses and what the advantages of such an approach would be.

Will I be working on my own idea at the event?

Not necessarily. The challenges are indeed given in advance, and you must contribute your idea to apply. But you will be working in teams, so it will not be possible to implement all the ideas submitted. Together with the members of your team (which are formed prior to the event or even at the event), we will determine which idea is most worth exploring. Well-elaborated ideas and ideas that show great potential of becoming tangible will have the best chances of being developed further. Personal experiences and skills will also be an important factor in the selection process.

With whom will I team up?

Based on the applications, the committee will select the participants. If you apply as an individual, you will be assigned to a team that is the best match for you in terms of skills and knowledge. Alternatively, a group of individuals can apply as a team! But please keep in mind that each participant must fill out their own application form! If you apply as a team, we might also introduce another member to your team to complement your skills. After all, in order to successfully address the challenge, the team will require a diverse set of skills and expertise.

Is there any age limit?

The participants of this hackathon must be above age 18, adulthood. Since the challenge is extremely creative and event is dynamic, it is desirable that individuals with various profiles and of different ages apply. So, no matter your age, if you have an idea, you are creative and you want do something new, this Hackathon is the right opportunity for you.

How important is my educational and professional background?

No special education or qualification is required. What we most care about is the originality of the idea. At the event, education and experience will not matter as much as curiosity, creativity, originality, team spirit, the ability to put oneself in other users’ shoes, and openness to new ideas, which can take the original idea in a completely different direction.

How will the work be organized?

You can find the schedule of the events under the »Schedule« tab. The introductory part is devoted to the motivation of the participants, the presentation of the challenges, and the distribution of tasks. In the introductory part, the teams will be given guidelines in which direction to develop their ideas; the actual implementation will depend on the individual team. Both Iskratel and the Transformation Lighthouse will provide mentors from different areas to monitor the work. The mentors will help you get back on track if you get too carried away with the development. The final products will be judged by the expert committee in accordance with predetermined criteria.

Do I need to have any special equipment with me?

At this sort of events, laptops are very welcome, as they can facilitate the work. Otherwise working on paper is perfectly suitable. The final presentation can be delivered any way you like, but it is usually prepared in MS PowerPoint or Keynote. If you prefer working with notepads and paper notes, you will be provided with flip charts and whiteboards that you can use for the final presentation in front of the judging committee. 

If I stay overnight, where can I sleep?

Such events normally do not involve much rest. A rest area will be available (sofas and bean bags in the “quiet” room), while no other form of overnight accommodation is provided. If you believe there will be no need for non-stop work, please arrange your accommodation yourself. You should not forget this is a team competition, so you'll need to coordinate everything with your team members during the competition J In any case, perhaps keep with you a blanket, pillow and comfortable clothing.  A weekend will be long and few hours of rest will not hurt.

Where will the hackathon take place?

All the events will take place in the Conference Center at Iskratel’s premises in Kranj, Ljubljanska cesta 24a. The entrance is through the main office building (the glass facade building). There is a large parking (free of charge) in front of the building.

Additional venus are provided for international participants:
 - Northern Macedonia - ITS Iskratel Softver Centar, Ulica Mirce Acev br. 2, 11000 Skopje  
 - Russia - Iskrauraltel, Komvuzovskaya Street 9/a, 620137 Yekaterinburg
 - Russia – Iskratel Representative Office, Ul. Derbenevskaya 6, 115114, Moscow

A video connection to main location in Slovenia will be provided.