This !Nternational Challenge is addressing new innovative solutions for industries of various sectors (smart factories, smart city, energy, transport, public safety) using the 5G technology, while also actively observing and reducing the impact of the technology on health and the environment.

We are looking for:

  • complementary solutions and technologies that (i) could  be integrated and demonstrated in the complex solution of smart factory and teleworking for industries, (ii) infrastructure management for smart cities, (iii) managing and migitation risks for public safety sector, (iv) managing smart mobility/transport (efficient public transport, traffic management, and the logistics of goods) and (v) maintaining energy infrastructure and managing energy distribution.
  • new technologies and procedures that would enable more efficient problem and task solving by means of the automation and digitalization of industries, cities, transport, energy and public safety, and through improved interaction between humans and machines.
  • ideas that would help shape new types of services based on the interpretation and processing of large amounts of collected data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
  • new business models for the sharing economy that would enable more efficient utilization of resources and would address the challenges of industries, taking advantage of Iskratel’s competences in developing complex solutions.
  • new ideas that would improve the quality, management, and utilization of natural resources (air, water, energy, and waste)
  • ideas for limiting and reducing the adverse effects of modern technology on health and the environment.
Note, we are not looking for ideas in the field of radio communications and technological improvements of the 5G technology, nor for ideas for mobile apps for residential use.