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Case Study
Ozone: Slashing ISP’s Costs and Improving Recognition

Keeping operating costs under control is vitally important for many operators. The ability to streamline the operations with automation of CPE provisioning is a crucial element in the endeavour.
After a period of substantial growth, Ozone SAS, the leading wireless internet provider for public-initiative networks in France, faced a challenge of managing a large, heterogeneous base of customer-premises equipment. Iskratel devised a software solution for seamlessly integrating the third-party CPE with Ozone's provisioning system, radically simplifying and automating the processes, and eliminating manual configuration.

For further expansion, Ozone started using Iskratel's home gateways, branded and customised as per Ozone's requirements. Using the same gateways for all broadband-access technologies reduced workload, further streamlined the operations, and eliminated the learning curve – all resulting in significant OPEX savings.
Download the case study and learn:
  • How Ozone achieved savings up to 70%;
  • How Ozone transformed the management of customer equipment, automated provisioning and streamlined inventory management;
  • How Ozone substantially improved customer experience by shortening the issue-resolution and response times.


Case Study