Zzoomm: Fuelling Ambitious FTTP Expansion Plans - Iskratel

Why a UK full-fibre operator has partnered with Iskratel?

On its mission to connect hundreds of communities across the United Kingdom, UK full-fibre provider Zzoomm needs a reliable partner.

Partnering with Iskratel helps accelerate the operator's service deployment and deliver a superior end‑user experience.
To accomplish the ambitious goal to connect one million homes, schools and businesses in over 85 towns across the UK by the end of 2025, UK full-fibre provider Zzoomm has made a smart call to mitigate risks by stemming from single-vendor dependency and selecting a dual-vendor approach.

This has led them to Iskratel – a perfect size match with the ability to deliver tailored solutions at scale. Partnering with Iskratel gives Zzoomm an additional boost to accomplish its mission to connect homes, schools and businesses to the most advanced and reliable broadband ever.
Download the case study and learn:
  • How a size match fosters an open dialogue and the ability to get solutions customised to your specific needs;
  • What makes a dual-vendor approach crucial for the speed of deployment and meeting your growth plans;
  • How a reliable partner can help along your mission to support growth and prosperity of communities.


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