Industry Insights - Iskratel
10. 6. 2022

PON evolution beyond 10G: 25G or 50G?

Where do we go from the current 10-gigabit PON era? Which one is the next winner, 25-gigabit or 50-gigabit PON? What have we learned from the past upgrade cycles?
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31. 3. 2022

ZX-GS PON: Should I stay or should I go?

Remember the good old days and the ZX-Spectrum-vs-PC dilemma? As oversimplified as it may seem, the dilemma about when to transition to XGS-PON has all the same ingredients.
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1. 3. 2022

A case for fibre-optic rollout in the countryside

Rural areas are experiencing a kind of renaissance, with digitalisation promising equal living conditions in towns and in the countryside. The foundation for this must, however, first be created by fibre-optic rollout. How can that work with customer potential low and investments high?
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30. 11. 2021

Deploying the right fibre-access technology to unlock a more sustainable future

As the telecommunications industry increasingly shifts its focus to fibre-access alternatives, the industry must not only focus on adopting the most cost-effective and efficient technologies, but also those that are the most environmentally friendly.
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21. 6. 2021

Iskratel’s SHAPE solution can unleash the full benefits of a Smart City

Technology’s significant impact on our everyday lives over the last two, even three decades cannot be overstated. Modern, complex technology now drives most of our daily activities, from work life, to socialising, to commuting and even how we get treated medically.
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15. 6. 2021

Ensuring security and privacy with Innbox application suite

Iskratel combats cyber risks and the use of prohibited content for the safety of families, businesses, and schools. It has developed a suite of new applications for home devices of its Innbox family. With these specially tailored applications, that include advanced parental controls, secure storage, and access through a private tunnel, privacy can be enhanced and the most vulnerable protected when browsing the internet.
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7. 10. 2020

Opening a world of possibilities with Iskratel as a preferred vendor

Over the last ten years, technological advancement across the world has been remarkable, with the number of devices that can be connected growing exponentially. As the year unfolds, demand will only increase for different types of streaming services and high bandwidth-consuming applications, such as virtual reality.
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18. 5. 2020

COVID-19: How Iskratel is helping during the pandemic

Iskratel is committed to maintaining 'business as usual' for its customers and continuing its important work while keeping its employees and clients keep safe.
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28. 4. 2020

Environmental sustainability: Are you a part of the solution?

All industry segments including telecommunications must recognise how crucial sustainable action is for planet Earth and for their business success.
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2. 3. 2020

Network migration: Migration Strategies for the Core Infrastructure of Telco Operators

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, operators are considering network migration to meet this growing demand. As a result, the NFV/SDN market is growing considerably, with Ovum estimating that the market will reach $48.2 billion in 2023.
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