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6. 11. 2019

What is your IoT strategy?

The global IoT market is expected to rapidly grow over the next years as not only computers, mobile phones, and tablets but also cars, meters, telltales, and ordinary household appliances will become a part of 27 billion devices, generating $3 trillion in revenues by 2025 according to Gartner.

The most benefit is expected to come from the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market, as businesses of all industries look for ways to reduce costs and become more efficient and agile.

Think industrial systems that instead of running to failure can schedule their maintenance or predict defects before they occur, enabling companies to take actions.

What about some challenges of many big industries IIoT could address:

  • As the demand for electricity is increasing year by year — by 2040, demand is expected to rise by as much as 37% — IIoT can help achieve more efficient and streamlined energy management and reduce costs.
  • For the railway industry, IIoT can check the flow of passengers and better optimize travel schedules.

There are also technical difficulties of industries that IIoT can overtake, such as converging historically disparate operational and information technologies into a single network.

Therefore, the appeal of IIoT is enormous as it can provide businesses with deeper insights into operations and allow them to better understand machine and process performance as well as create new opportunities to improve efficiency, quality of products/services, and even create new business models.

However, with these opportunities, new challenges rise too. The vast majority of business is still not maximizing the real value of their collected — mostly unstructured — data. That is why businesses need to dive deeper into big data analytics, sort out which data is valuable for them and which not, and adopt capabilities such as real-time machine learning and predictive maintenance. This direction will lead to more operating efficiency and ultimately drive greater financial improvements.

How is Iskratel’s SHAPE shaping the industrial future?

Iskratel SHAPE represents a future-proof platform for building next-generation applications with utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. It is a platform for connecting a wide range of different data sources allowing enterprises to ingest all data on a cloud-based system.

How is this achieved?

As businesses incorporate an increasing number of smart devices, they also need to handle a massive amount of generated data. Usually, information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are developed and managed as two separate domains. Therefore, the integration of these two is the first step to make successful differentiation from the competitors. By integrating IT and OT, we impose shared standards and platforms to enable organizations to reduce costs. This represents a significant driver in helping companies cut operational expenses by improving their asset management capabilities and convert real-time data into actionable intelligence.

By integrating OT and IT, we create a completely new ecosystem for the development and deployment of custom-made applications. The holistic approach provides:

  • enterprise integration platform;
  • big data management;
  • aggregation, orchestration, and transformation of data;
  • interoperable data exchange;
  • standardized service interfaces.

The platform’s open architecture allows interaction with other systems and technologies. To achieve smart grid capabilities, technology deployments connect large numbers of smart devices and systems involving hardware and software solutions. A smart grid is a complex network composed of millions of interconnected devices and entities, raising many security concerns and vulnerabilities. While considered a critical infrastructure, all vulnerabilities need to be identified and resolved to reduce the risks to an acceptable security level.

Iskratel enables a full-stack approach towards every single stage of the system.

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