Industry Insights - Iskratel
18. 5. 2020

COVID-19: How Iskratel is helping during the pandemic

The impact of the COVID-19 health crisis has been felt across many industries, including the telecommunications sector. Yesterday marked the anniversary of the United Nations’ World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) which raises awareness of the possibilities the Internet can bring to societies and economies. WTISD is a fitting reminder of the importance of the Internet as people across the globe remain at home and indoors. Communicating has never been more important for people to stay in touch and connect with their loved ones. Network operators face a fierce demand to reliably connect users to their families, teachers, colleagues, clients, and businesses seamlessly.

From a child trying to access an educational class online, to a family trying to stream and watch the latest TV show, having reliable network connectivity is of paramount importance. As this need increases and operators seek assistance from partners across the industry, Iskratel is ready to help soften the impact of this period of uncertainty and disruption by supporting operators to provide low-latency, reliable connectivity.

The importance of networks

Staying connected has become more critical now than ever before, so it's no surprise that there is increasing pressure on operators to provide the best service possible. In the United Kingdom alone, 70% said they are more dependent on a good internet connection now than ever before due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This significant increase is adding pressure on operators to meet the growing demands of customers for connectivity.

However, operators still face a number of challenges as any network issues will need to be dealt with swiftly. Turning to support from local, regional partners and suppliers can prove to be the best possible solution during the current climate.

Ongoing support

Iskratel is committed to maintaining 'business as usual' for its customers and continuing its important work while keeping its employees and clients keep safe. Iskratel’s wealth of experience ensures it is well-placed to improve broadband experience for a client’s customer base, provide great quality of service and ensure business continuity. Iskratel's Mesh Wi-Fi solution is ideal for those working from home as it ends the headaches caused by inadequate in-house wireless coverage. The solution blankets the premises with a strong Wi-Fi signal for gigabit connectivity and smooth wireless roaming.

Iskratel's maintenance services include regularly checking the status of the network, eliminating any errors which have been identified, performing network optimisations, and repairing equipment, to ensure that the network can continually perform at an optimum level. Iskratel's GPON, XGS-PON, and point-to-point fiber-to-the-home solutions are also suitable for all types of end-users and can deliver high-value services, so users never have to worry about exceeding their capacity.

Providing high-quality and reliable solutions has always been a priority at Iskratel, and alongside supporting operators, it is also making sure that any excessive waste created in the form of masks and gloves is also disposed of appropriately. It has a functioning and ISO-certified waste management program in place to ensure Iskratel is better equipped to tackle this challenge, whilst ensuring it does not damage the planet.

Iskratel is determined to keep its staff and clients safe, and is proud to play its part in helping people keep connected during this global crisis.