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21. 6. 2021

Iskratel’s SHAPE solution can unleash the full benefits of a Smart City

Technology’s significant impact on our everyday lives over the last two, even three decades cannot be overstated. Modern, complex technology now drives most of our daily activities, from work life, to socialising, to commuting and even how we get treated medically. This has led to a rise in life expectancy and a surge of innovation in major cities around the world.
Of course, this isn’t without major change. Many cities are already investing in smart technologies, while others are actively seeking opportunities to tap into this potential. Increased public funding and strong partnerships between city authorities and technology companies in the private sector will further strengthen the reality of smart cities. In order to address this ever-increasing demand, many cities are opting in for the ‘Smart Cities Marketplace’, heavily endorsed by the European Commission. 

Making cities smarter with technology

A smart city is a large area that deploys sophisticated technology to achieve better resource management and reduced emissions. This means smarter urban transport networks, upgraded water supply and waste disposal facilities and more efficient ways to light and heat buildings. It also garners a more interactive and responsive city administration and safer public spaces, as well as meeting the needs of a growing population. The EU backed ‘Smart Cities Marketplace’ aims to improve urban life through sustainable integrated solutions and addresses city-specific challenges from different policy areas such as energy, mobility and transport and ICT.
There are three important features of a smart city. These are:
  • Data collection – This consists of smart devices and systems that are installed for measuring and monitoring conditions throughout the city. This can be simple sensors, sophisticated devices or databases embedded in the ICT environment that collect a range of data at different times of the day. 
  • Communications – Communications systems connect all elements of the smart city and ensure that data is delivered on time and comprehensively. A smart city must support all modern communication technologies, from the transmission of information via fibre optics to modern mobile networks.
  • Data analysis – This helps decision support systems turn captured data into information that facilitates optimisation. 

Improving the lives of citizens, the economy and the environment

There are innumerable benefits to a smart city, and more so when living in one as a citizen. The improved digital landscape proposes a more attractive environment for job creation in the field of information and telecommunications technologies and provides increased visibility, leading to greater transparency for leaders and citizens.

There is also a better quality of life for the city's residents. People have greater opportunities for a more comfortable, safer and healthier life. Furthermore, a smart city allows for improved operability, meaning accelerated economic development, which subsequently leads to more jobs with higher pay. An improved living environment presents people with access to broadband connectivity, clean and green energy, educational opportunities, and efficient public transport.

Iskratel’s SHAPE offers a smart solution

Iskratel has a dedicated modular solution that can enable the vast amount of benefits a smart city offers. The sophisticated SHAPE data platform offers a robust ecosystem built for smart cities internationally. With the flexibility of Open Source architecture, the platform and the use of standardised interfaces allow easy integration with other systems and smart technologies.

Of course, this isn’t an automatic process, in order to create and enable these innovative solutions to come to full fruition, special mechanisms with elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used to connect a wide range of various data sources, normalising and adjusting aggregated data tailored for varying customer requirements. This makes the SHAPE solution completely personalised to every user. 

Driving innovation worldwide

The customisable SHAPE platform has been integrated with smart and safe city solutions to collect data and telecommunication resources to provide reliable state-of-the-art technology. SHAPE has already helped to enhance various smart technology projects in countries such as Russia, Slovenia and Serbia. An example of the SHAPE platform being utilised to its full potential was in the Russian cities of Volgograd, Kaliningrad and Omsk, in which more than 30 external systems have been connected to the platform, powering major developments and innovative technology. 

Iskratel’s solution creates new sources of income, ensures the safety of people and enables the sustainable development of cities worldwide.
How even the smallest cities can become smarter?
Why it is necessary for a mayor to make their city smarter?
How we can join forces in helping the society to live in a friendlier environment?
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