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Rethink Research Webinar from March 2023

Rethink Research Webinar

Sustainability in Broadband

Why are ISPs stalling on simple sustainable broadband initiatives?

Is there are a way around impacting the end user experience while powering down home gateways or other devices, with slow wake up times or reconnection issues?

Are these decisions ultimately and overtly influenced by Big Tech – the Apples, Amazons and Googles that own the connected home – who absolutely do not want their always-on devices drifting into a deep slumber?

Rethink Research Webinar


Edgar Maldonado
5G FWA Program Manager
S&T Iskratel

Edgar holds an M.Sc. in Mobile Communications from Télécom Paris, and a B.Sc. in Electronics from UIS university in his home country Colombia.

He had worked in the past with Alcatel Lucent, Orange and SFR in France. Since joining S&T Iskratel, he has been focusing on 5G networks and related products, and has become an avid advocate of environmentally-responsible action.

Edgar is passionate in talking about technology and solutions that make the world a better place.
Lionel Gremeau
Product & Marketing Director

Thomas Gosselin
Manager, Innovations for Home

Mick McCluskey
VP Product Management

Tommy Flanagan
Editor of Faultline
Rethink Research

Rethink Research Webinar

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