Understanding the Latest CPE Trends - Iskratel

Iskratel Webinar from September 2020


Understanding the Latest CPE Trends

With increasing hunger for speed, new applications and smooth service experience, operators are continuously faced with a challenge of meeting their customers' needs. New technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, mesh networking, 10-gigabit access, zero-touch provisioning and virtualisation are here to stay, and operators must navigate their way through the maze to secure their business success in the long run.

During this free webinar, you will learn about the technology trends that dictate the home-networking arena and examine the hot topics that shape it. Optimum deployment scenarios will be discussed from the business perspective.

Join us as our experts make sense of the whole conundrum, and explain how operators can cope with it and stand out from the crowd.
Presenter: Dr. Mitja Golja is a Business Development Director at Iskratel's Business Unit Broadband.

Mitja is responsible for new market strategies and go-to-market initiatives for new technologies.

He brings 15+ years of global operating experience in the broadband-networking industry and a deep passion for product business development and strategy to Iskratel. Prior to heading business development, Mitja held various management positions within Iskratel. Amongst others he was in charge for product line management and R&D.


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