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White Paper
Energy Digitalisation

Shaping the future of digital transformation. Smart energy is closer than you think.
The energy industry is at an inflection point, due to the digitalisation of the basic energy infrastructure, the need for integration of information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT), smart meters rollout, the increase of distributed renewable energy sources, and electric vehicles. Therefore, the term smart grid emerged which changed the way utilities and customers interact.

Energy utilities are looking for new business models and processes in order to modernise the power grid and optimise their performance. That doesn’t mean only improving the physical infrastructure but also the technology for communications between the grid and its operators.
Download the white paper and learn: 
  • Why is digitalisation in energy a must; 
  • What are the benefits for the company and its employees; 
  • What is the outlook for energy utilities within smart energy transition.


White Paper