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White Paper
Safe Migration to Next-Gen Optical Broadband Access

Operators strive to embark on gradual and controlled journey to next-generation PON technologies, such as XGS-PON and NG-PON2, and exploit the full potential of their optical assets, generating new revenue from applications that the new technologies promise to enable.

The operators optimally target a two-phase migration, upgrading to XGS-PON first, followed by the final introduction of NG-PON2. The right approach protects past investments, and keeps the ODN reused and unaffected. New PON flavours can operate over the existing ODN, peacefully coexist with existing GPON, and incur minimum or no service disruptions.
Download the white paper and learn:
  • How to ensure that service disruption is kept to a minimum during the upgrades;
  • How to design the OLT equipment at the central office to be prepared for a gradual, pay-as-you-grow expansion along with the growing needs;
  • How to prolong the equipment lifecycle to a maximum, and remain armed for any business need and service type.


White Paper