Professional Services - Iskratel

When introducing new complex solutions

to your communications network, you need a reliable partner that can plan, adapt and integrate solutions according to the needs of your business processes.
With our portfolio of professional services, Iskratel provides comprehensive management of all assigned tasks. With a globally organised network of more than 200 experts in 30 locations worldwide, Iskratel ensures maximum quality, flexibility and responsiveness, with an extensive range of our own products and solutions that gives flexibility in creating your solution.
Consulting services
Combining our extensive knowledge of the technologies and trends in the fields of information technology and telecommunications, we can propose a modern solution customised to your needs and processes.
System integration services
Using its expertise and extensive experience in information technology and telecommunications, Iskratel manages comprehensive solution and system integration across a wide range of environments.
Solution design
Design and develop innovative solutions that work in harmony with your existing network.
Adjust your network engineering to your customer's requirements with the help of Iskratel's team of experts.


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