Multi-Service Access Node - Iskratel

Scalable SI3000 Lumia MSAN

offers a multitude of access technologies from a single chassis, efficiently serving all types of users, services, densities, deployment scenarios and business models.

Its modular design allows combining various subscriber blades (XGS-PON, GPON and P2P fibre, universal VDSL2/ADSL and POTS) within single chassis of various sizes hosting up to 20 slots.

SI3000 Lumia

SI3000 Lumia is a scalable, high-performance broadband access and aggregation product that connects end users over all fixed-access technologies in a single, cost-effective platform.

SI3000 Lumia is available for all deployment densities, from high-density urban to low-density rural areas, while its modular design, multiple chassis options and variety of subscriber-connectivity interfaces address every use case in the access network.

SI3000 Lumia is empowered with a unique, SDN-based awareness of services and apps that lets the operators justify their investment regardless of specific business models or regulatory requirements.
  • Support for a multitude of broadband-access deployment scenarios, such as FTTH, FTTC, FTTB, and DSL from CO.
  • Network processor-based, SDN-enabled broadband platform.
  • Service- and app-awareness provides control, effective QoS management and policy enforcement.
  • Supports all types of residential, business, or cloud-based services.
  • Multiple enclosure options, with up to 20 slots in a chassis.
  • High port density and wide temperature range (from -40 °C up to +65 °C).
  • Support for multi-provider deployment scenarios, including virtual unbundling and open access.