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For optical access,

Innbox G-series of GPON home gateways delivers an unrivalled subscriber experience.

The family spans from first-class G7x and G8x models to cost-sensitive G2x models, ideal for two-box setups.

Innbox G80 and G70 series

Supreme GPON home gateways for advanced triple-play services, delivering the latest fibre GPON access technology and providing a high-end networking solution. With MU-MIMO and concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi, wireless experience is never compromised on numerous wireless clients.

Model Local interfaces
Innbox G85 4x GE, 2x FXS, 1x USB, Wi-Fi 802.11n/ac Wave2 MU-MIMO, CATV
Innbox G84 4x GE, 1x FXS, Wi-Fi 802.11n/ac Wave2 MU-MIMO
Innbox G74 4x GE, 2x FXS, 1x USB, Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • ITU G.984 GPON compliant.
  • Powerful home gateway engine for offering triple-play services.
  • Multiple local interfaces (wired and wireless).
  • Superior wireless experience with Wave2, multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO).
  • Triple-play home gateway to provide multiple HDTV IP streams.
  • Fully featured router and firewall, secure wireless transmission and authentication.
  • Integrated fibre-termination unit.


Innbox G21

Compact and stylish GPON ONT, designed to deliver a full range of services such as internet data, VoIP and IP video, including bandwidth-consuming HDTV. The Innbox G21 is ideal for deployments in bridging-only applications in conjunction with separate home gateways, routers and Wi-Fi access points.
  • ITU G.984 GPON compliant.
  • Powerful engine for guaranteed QoS for triple-play services.
  • Small and stylish.


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Innbox GPON FTTH home gateways

  • Innbox G74


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