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Innbox Premium Application Suite

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Working and studying from home, users are becoming increasingly more dependent on fast, reliable and secure internet connection. The operators can come forward and offer innovative functions for ease of use, improved security and privacy, effectively establishing themselves as dependable partners.

Innbox Premium Application Suite includes premium applications that enhance user experience, improve the convenience of using the services, and maximise user privacy at home, in offices and schools.

Protection of the vulnerable with

Innbox Advanced Parental Controls

Since parents cannot constantly monitor their children's online activity, Innbox Advanced Parental Controls provide protection against inappropriate content.

The parents simply manage the access of family members to website content, set up lists and filters, and prevent unsafe downloads. Via application settings and in just a few minutes, users can make their family members safe from online threats.

They can set a daily limit to the time children are allowed to spend online, and/or set up exact daily and weekly schedules. They can restrict access to problematic or harmful content, such as violence and gambling, or to certain social networks.

Personal content storage with

Innbox Share private cloud

Although public web clouds are convenient to store, transfer and share documents and media files, even adults sometimes do not know whom they trust with their private documents, passwords, online certificates or contracts.

Conversely, Innbox Share private cloud protects users' privacy. While keeping the content in private storage safe from intrusion, Innbox Share makes it securely accessible from anywhere – without the exposure to possible eavesdropping.



Innbox Share private cloud stores documents, videos and other files on a USB stick plugged into the Innbox home device. Unlike public web clouds, storage size can be increased anytime – by simply using a higher-capacity USB stick.

The convenience of a private cloud is further enhanced with an integrated media player, picture editor, and a wholly private Innbox Conference Server for online meetings and presentations.

Home services accessible from anywhere with

Innbox VPN

Innbox VPN (Virtual private network) allows users to establish a secure connection (a private tunnel) to their home network from literally anywhere in the world. Data transfer across the tunnel is encrypted, intrusion-secured, and not visible to anyone else.

Through the private tunnel, users can enjoy the same service experience wherever they may be. Local TV channels become available on the other side of the world. If they have any devices connected to the home network (such as surveillance cameras, storage, smart appliances), they can access and remotely manage them as if they were at home.

Perfect Wi-Fi coverage with

Innbox EasyMesh™ Controller

In a mesh Wi-Fi network, multiple access points work together to form a unified Wi-Fi network with maximum coverage for maximum user convenience. Using a single SSID and password, the mesh Wi-Fi network facilitates seamless roaming and smooth hand-off for a continuous, non-interrupted wireless experience.

The Innbox EasyMesh™ Controller equips users and operators with easy control, monitoring and troubleshooting, making sure that a strong and reliable wireless signal illuminates every corner of the home, office or school.

TV Deluxe with

Innbox IPTV over Wi-Fi

With the home covered with a strong (mesh) Wi-Fi signal, laying wires to connect TV sets and set-top-boxes is a thing of the past. Innbox IPTV over Wi-Fi converts multicast video to unicast streams, ensuring uncompromised quality of video streaming over the wireless network.

The mechanism efficiently compensates for possible packet losses due to wireless interferences, guaranteeing a non-interrupted watching experience.

If the home gateway is placed in a visible place close to the TV set, its LED indicators might distract watching the TV programme. With Innbox Premium Application Suite, the manageable LED indicators can be switched off completely (or on again) as per user's wishes.

Provision of web services with

Innbox Dynamic DNS

Residential users and small businesses that use dynamically allocated IP addresses (via DHCP) may find it difficult if not impossible to set up their own publicly available web-based services, such as web servers, webcams, storage or VPN servers.

Innbox Dynamic DNS overcomes this by updating the address entry in the DNS (Domain name service) continuously, to make it match the web service's domain name at all times.

Full control at users' fingertips with

Management apps

The applications in Innbox Premium Application Suite can be easily managed with a friendly Innbox GUI (Graphical user interface) of the Innbox home device, and with the Innbox Mobile App. Available in numerous languages, they provide users with complete control over the home network.

Innbox Premium Application Suite

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