Software-Defined Broadband - Iskratel

Monetise services with personalised customer experience.

To stay competitive and improve user experience, operators need to provide personalised and cloud-based services, beyond the traditional triple play.

As a transformational opportunity, software-defined access (SDA) lets operators turn a dumb-pipe network into a value-added network, control the investment cycle, and build a sustainable business model with refreshed, revenue-generating offerings.

Control. Orchestrate. Automate.

Iskratel is the first solution provider to have implemented and deployed software-defined broadband access, enabling operators to have full control over levels of quality or policies to be enforced – per individual service or app, per individual user. With SDA, operators can rapidly employ new services, automate the processes, and dramatically reduce expenditure.

Iskratel's SDA facilitates end-to-end service visibility and provisioning with unique and intuitive service-oriented management. Service provisioning with reusable service profiles enables services and apps to be modelled as complete entities: from classification to applicable policies and actions. Service- and user-oriented architecture allows easy integration with operator's existing infrastructure and processes.
  • Distributed model of service delivery with awareness of individual service flows close to end users.
  • Guaranteed quality of service for each individual service session of end users.
  • Service modelling with reusable profile for simplified management and provisioning, reduced complexity and painless integration with existing OSS/BSS.
  • Increase ARPU with personalisation of services.
  • Zero-touch provisioning and centralised management for increased productivity and reduced OPEX.


Conquering uncharted territories with confidence

SI3000 Lumia is world's first dual-nature OLT that supports conventional and disaggregated operation on the same hardware, extremely simplifying the virtualisation of the central office. This 'amphibious' OLT lets operators skip an entire hardware-investment cycle, and dictate the behaviour with mere software configuration, securing their journey to software-defined, next-gen access.

Building upon dual-nature SI3000 Lumia GPON/XGS-PON OLTs, Iskratel provides a complete software-defined PON (SD-PON) solution for broadband-access disaggregation. Based on open standards and using vOLTHA over an extended and hardened OpenOLT interface, the solution is the first in the market to provide operators with the reliability and scalability that are essential in carrier-grade, real-life service-delivery environments.

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Software-defined broadband