Business Communications - Iskratel

Enhance your business telephony with

advanced services, including HD audio and video, instant messaging, and a single identity for multiple devices. This set of solutions delivers a new level of productivity by simplifying communications for users and system administrators.
S&T Iskratel's Business Communications offer seamless unification of mobile and fixed communications, delivering new services on existing devices. The solution you need to keep pace with a changing environment.
Any device

for Telecom operators

We master migration scenarios and protect your investments.

  • Smooth migration from HW -specific to cloud-based solutions
  • Flexible modernization of your enterprise communications while retaining support for legacy devices

We leverage our expertise for optimal system integration

  • We offer a complete portfolio for TCO-optimized networks
  • Proven interoperability and integration with other systems
  • Flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements

We meet local regulatory requirements.

for Enterprises

Complete voice, web and unified communications services
For companies/enterprises of any type and size:
  • Centralised or with remote locations
  • Security of communications - not available with free services (Viber, Skype)
  • Lower costs for voice services (roaming, mobility)

Enterprise benefits
  • New services and attractive business functionalities and applications 
  • Connected remote office
  • Secure, stable and reliable: local and geographic redundancy, disaster recovery
  • Reuse of existing equipment and existing analogue and digital links
Business Communications provide advanced business-oriented features and enriched multimedia applications.
  • They enable true convergence between fixed and mobile with a single identity, regardless of device or network.
  • Seamlessly unify mobile and fixed communications for a single identity across all devices.
  • Remote office for nomadic users, new services on existing devices, and value-added applications on any device.
  • Connect to traditional TDM (analogue or digital) and IP-based trunks (SIP trunking).
  • Provides secure and user-defined managed communications, protection and reuse of existing assets.
  • Full regulatory compliance.

Illustrational video

Universal Business Communications

Provide users with a single identity on any device with advanced services and multimedia applications. Virtual, integrated and managed PBX with overlay services.