GRM-R Fixed-dispatching System - Iskratel

It is critical to ensure smooth communications

at the very high speeds that trains reach today. GSM-R is a unique and international communications system for voice, data and signalling that enables and guarantees performance at these high speeds.

The EIRENE and MORANE specifications have defined how to solve this in combination of fixed and mobile equipment in the railways environment.
The modern IP architecture of Fixed Dispatching System (FDS) is primarily designed for connection to GSM-R mobile communications networks, but also enables flexible interconnection with existing legacy communications networks (fixed and mobile) to form a unified communications system.
This flexibility helps you protect your existing investments, facilitate migration to technologies such as VoIP, and develop new advanced railways services.

Designed to support smooth and efficient train operations, the solution is tailored to the needs of dispatchers in railroad control centres to improve the efficiency of daily railroad operations.

  • Provides a single point of control for operations for fixed and mobile communications
  • Easy-to-use terminal equipment
  • User Friendly touchscreen interaction
  • Speaker Box for hands free usage and handset with PTT key

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Reach out to us today and find first-hand how can we modernize and upgrade your network and dispatching system to become independent from vendor locked-in system. We connect our FDS also to other vendors' cores.

We implemented the GSM-R in Slovenia.
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