Personnel-Notification System - Iskratel

Providing employees with accurate

information about general events in their work environment is one of the most important issues in a modern business environment. Our Personnel-Notification System (PNS) enables the provision of powerful information, a secure system for handling alarms and events, and priority levels of live notifications, messages, pre-recorded alarms via messages and external audio announcements or signals.
The system integrates data and audio technologies to enable high-grade functionalities for indoor and outdoor use for all kinds of business, including demanding industrial environments. 

Control and monitor announcement functionalities, including broadcast audio information to specific zones to deliver prompt information to employee groups.

The solution meets demanding requirements and ensures content management, distribution and playback of audio information with high reliability and availability as well as convenient operation and full overview of the overall situation. 
It combines communication, control, monitoring and paging functions. A typical system in an industrial environment needs to provide different types of information to different audiences:

  • Safety information in emergencies
  • Transmission of special audio information
  • Background music for the environment
  • Built-in modules to enable secure and fast distribution of audio information.

Personnel-notification System (PNS)

PNS provides highly available services with fully redundant configurations, being a centralised, server-driven solution. It can be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated as an essential part of operational and technological communications in a common control centre for communication, control and monitoring of all endpoints in high-risk environments where personnel safety must be paramount.