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5G Use Cases

Operators are hard at work to understand monetisation of 5G technology, as technology is rolled out at an ever increasing pace.

They rightfully look for partners to explore various promising use cases in concrete trials and pilots. The partner ecosystem will likely exist of both ICT vendors and industry leaders from various verticals.

Here are some of the 5G use cases that Iskratel is actively developing with partners.
As enterprises embrace the benefits of broadband video and digital automation, mobile operators have a new business opportunity to provide private 5G and LTE networks for low latency, high performance, locally-controlled, and secure connectivity that is required in specific use cases. Enterprises, industries, and public-safety organisations require networks that are different from those traditionally deployed by mobile operators. They require local traffic and subscriber management, localised control, and an IT-friendly front-end that can be used by professionals with no previous LTE or 5G expertise.

Iskratel is creating a powerful ecosystem and technology disruption with the world-leading state-of-the-art communications solution, therefore enabling various industries to reap the undiscovered benefits of digitalisation, making it possible for all.
Fully-managed private LTE/5G core networks:
  • VoLTE
  • Push-to-talk
  • Group calling
  • Low latency
  • Highest security
  • Broadband data and video broadcast
  • Interoperability with any RAN or Core
  • IT-friendly

Use case video

Cargo train inspection with drones

5G technology enables preventive maintenance on track and ability to react faster when needed. Drones connected through 5G to the train provide additional data needed for safer and better experience.

5G Use cases

Process Tracking for Smart Factories
A solution conceived of a combined domain knowledge of advanced ICT and assembly industries, offers factories better tracking and prediction
Security Audit for 5G Networks
Start 5G right away with security in mind. Our service comprises security consulting ,auditing and penetration testing with mobile technology.
Smart Grids Communication Backbone
We assist partners in their development and deployment of digitally managed next generation networks for grids, oil & gas, and utilities.
Fixed / Wireless Access Convergence
There’s more to 5G than network density in the metropoles. FWA offers faster go-to-market of fast broadband to the far stretches of networks.
Enhanced Safety in Smart Cities
Iskratel’s SHAPE IoT platform and 5G next gen connectivity power a solution for smart cities to address safety-driven requirements.