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As enterprises and operators look to move operations to the cloud,

they need a platform that delivers a smooth migration. Iskratel Cloud Platform is an elastic cloud infrastructure for cross-industry application that eases the shift from traditional environments to the cloud.
Iskratel Cloud Platform (ICP) is a cloud-services platform that guarantees high availability and geo-redundancy of hosted services on an open, ETSI NFV-compliant architecture.

ICP is a unified cloud platform for all industry verticals and the foundation for cloud services with a high business value.

ICP facilitates a smooth migration from traditional to cloud environment, by assuring backward compatibility and coexistence of cloud-aware and non-cloud applications.
  • Open and ETSI NFV-compliant architecture.
  • Smooth migration from traditional to cloud environment.
  • Based on open-source OpenStack with telco enhancements - NFVI
  • Orchestrator based VNF Life Cycle Management - NFVO
  • Open platforms and interfaces
  • Accelerated Network 
  • Resource Management
  • High Availability and End-to-end security
  • Efficient O&M with COS server
  • ICP in Geographically dispersed Cloud Environment 
  • Unified cloud platform for all industry verticals.

Illustrational video

Iskratel Cloud Platform - Why Edge Cloud?

Enormous data volume, connectivity, and remote locations pose major challenges.
Iskratel Cloud Platform creates several private clouds on remote locations, which brings the computing power closer to the user, automates operation and shortens processing time. 

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