IMS AS - Iskratel

Flexible and scalable

standard IMS architecture based application server for providing services and applications in vIMS domain.
Iskratel IMS Telephony Application Server (TAS) provides telephony services and enables a set of supplementary services as the standard IMS Application Server (AS).

Along with an integrated Media Resource Function Controller (MRFC), IMS TAS controls core communications services (voice and video), as well as supplementary multimedia services, such as audio, video, text, file and media sharing.

IMS-based PES (PSTN Emulation Services) provides IP networks services to analogue and ISDN devices connected into IMS network via access gateways or VoIP gateways.

Service Centralisation and Continuity Application Server (SCC AS) for VoLTE is network element that provides IMS Centralised Services and enables IMS Service Continuity and seamless handover of your call when you move from IMS environment to other 2G/3G mobile networks.
  • Standard interfaces for offline and online charging.
  • Smooth migration and protection of existing investment.
  • Cost-effective solution for fixed/mobile users.


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