Management Ecosystem - Iskratel

State-of-the-art management ecosystem

that covers all product lines. Its open south- and northbound interfaces allow painless integration of network equipment, OSS/BSS provisioning and billing systems.
SI3000 Management System is a central management and surveillance system. It provides the complete FCAPS functionality for a cost-effective control of telecommunications networks. The functions are available via a graphical user interface or via the northbound interface which enables simple integration into higher-level OSS/BSS.

SI3000 Management Node System (MNS) enables fast and easy deployment of new network elements and supports mass upgrades and provisioning. It enables network administrators to provision services simply, with user- and service-centric profiles.

SI3000 Fault Monitoring System (FMS) assures powerful, centralised supervision and alarm management for network elements.

SI3000 Performance and Quality Monitoring System (PQMS) enables performance-data collection, processing and presentation.
  • Centralised management, provisioning, monitoring and surveillance.
  • Management of all types and generations of Iskratel network elements.
  • Standardised connectivity with a higher-level management system or OSS/BSS integration.
  • Possible inclusion of third-party network elements.
  • Great scalability, high availability and geo-redundant operation.