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Fixed-Wireless Access (FWA)

in 5G networks is an increasingly popular access network technology that brings broadband services to residential and business locations where wired/optical infrastructure is not viable.

It uses wireless technologies to connect two fixed locations, eliminating the need for last-mile investments.
In rural areas where population density is low and far from central offices, the cost of providing high-speed internet connectivity via wired infrastructure would be significant. FWA, with its technological features and cost efficiency, enables users not only to enjoy higher data speeds, but also to access various multimedia applications which are taken for granted in industrialised countries today.

In industry, devices will achieve significant capacity increases and low-latency connections. 5G FWA will improve network performance and provide high-speed network coverage that is better than existing connectivity networks and will reshape the landscape of various industries.

We provide for you

Kontron 5G FWA enables network operators, services providers, and municipalities to deliver ultra-high-speed broadband to suburban and rural areas where fibre is not rational to use and maintain. 5G FWA can provide a competitive alternative to fixed-line DSL, cable, and fibre across all markets where high bandwidth is required to support high-definition streaming services and high-speed Internet access.

Our Innbox modem portfolio is increasing its 5G FWA support. 

You will gain

It is quick and easy to install and set up and can be used flexibly both indoors and outdoors. In terms of performance, it offers speeds that can compete with fixed broadband services. It also offers the low latency of 5G for value-added services. Faster and better service delivery ensures transparent monitoring of the service level achieved.

With our wide range of 5G broadband solutions, you can deploy 5G FWA quickly and easily to secure your broadband advantage and accelerate the ROI of your 5G network.



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