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Industrial TSN

(Time-sensitive Networking) defines a set of IEEE standards primarily developed for ethernet but with 5G wireless segment kicks in. 

TSN must ensure and guarantee packet transport with low latency, low packet delay variation, and low packet loss. It can be enabled for specific data traffic in a network that also handles best effort data. 

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Data streams from various operational technology (OT) applications with different timing sensitivity are carried together with information technology (IT) flows on the same network infrastructure. 

Kontron 5G solution has an TSN translator (TT) function to operate as one TSN bridge by connecting to the TSN network. For interworking between the TSN system and 5G Network, the 5G Network has a device-side TSN translator (DS-TT) and network-side TSN translator (NW-TT) in the UE and UPF, respectively, and it can provide TSN ingress and egress ports through DS-TT and NW-TT.
A TSN AF is responsible for transferring information about the 5GS bridge and TSN network configuration to each other. The TSN AF also receives TSN traffic information and delivers QoS information of the TSN traffic to the UPF through the PCF and SMF.

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To drastically decrease overall response times in IIoT applications we need to bring data closer to the source. This is done by Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) on top of the 5G private cloud. Kontron 5G solution is enabling massive “sensorization”, deployment of sensors where we insert many similar sensors in any device or application. 

This is now possible with magnitude higher than what was possible with others cellular technologies, paving the way for large-scale IIoT deployments and Industry 4.0.



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