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for comprehensive private cloud solutions suitable for any enterprise or telco operator environment.

Enterprises that choose to use public cloud services typically face several obstacles, such as not having adequate availability, reliability and data protection. The latter is a major obstacle when migrating to a cloud environment, as automation options are limited and the overall complexity of the solution is much greater.

The ICP provides seamless cloud migration capabilities from the customer site to the data centre.

We provide for you

We have an answer to both challenges with the Intelligent Cloud Platform (ICP). It offers a geographically dispersed private-cloud environment for critical infrastructure and applications. The ICP is shaped as an automated certified stack with high pre-integration capabilities because we are aware of the importance of automation, simplification, and security to our customers.

ICP is a cloud-computing environment dedicated to a single customer. It combines all the important benefits of cloud computing with the security and control of an on-premises IT-infrastructure.

Value for the customer:
  • Based on open-source software
  • Fast scalability
  • Easy to integrate
  • Target: 1-day installation from HW to basic cloud with working apps on top

You will gain

ICP is a perfect fit for enterprises that want to make their resources available on-demand but are reluctant to move to the public cloud due to security policies, budget, compliance requirements, or regulations.

It enables a smooth migration from traditional virtualisation to cloud environment, by assuring backward compatibility and co-existence of cloud-native and legacy virtualised applications:
  • Open and ETSI NFV-compliant architecture
  • Orchestrator-based VNF life-cycle management - NFVO
  • Open platforms and interfaces
  • High availability and end-to-end security
  • Efficient O&M with COS server
  • Geographically-dispersed cloud environment
  • Unified cloud platform for industries, telco operators, and state authorities.

Intelligent Cloud Platform - Why Edge Cloud?

Enormous data volume, connectivity, and remote locations pose major challenges.
Intelligent Cloud Platform creates several private clouds on remote locations, which brings the computing power closer to the user, automates operation and shortens processing time. 

Intelligent Cloud Platform

Proven references and use-cases

We are a trusted partner across the globe, from telco operators, various industries like railways, energy, oil & gas to municipalities and other public authorities. We have built a fruitful and long-term relationship with our partners, addressing all their specific needs.
Future Rail Mobile Communication System (FRMCS)
ICP based on ETSI NFV standard is future proof technology for Future Rail Mobile Communication Systems.

ICP as a main platform for one of the biggest European railways operators with geographical dispersed private cloud environment for critical infrastructure. The solution consists of two central clouds that are geo redundant, and several autonomous private clouds scattered across the country.

Telco operators
ETSI NFV is defacto standard for infrastructure and orchestration for telco's vIMS and 5G solutions.

Iskratel ICP orchestration as a base for the vIMS solution life cycle management at one of the largest Tier-1 telco operators in Russia. Current infrastructure is supported with two central clouds that operate in a geo redundant mode, and a few dozen autonomous private clouds dispersed across the country.

Hosting ICP infrastructure
Smart and safe cities hosted on ICP private cloud in Iskratel's Data Centre.

Small municipalities cannot afford their own data center, so they host private clouds hosted on ICP platform. With this approach, the customer receives managed cloud with resources on demand, localisation, enterprise-level security, and data privacy.



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