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Private LTE solution

supports NB-IoT, integrates easily into an IP-PBX and IT system, and is highly secure and scalable. It supports integration with IP Multimedia System (IMS) for Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and Push-to-talk (PTT) 

The private LTE (pLTE) solution focuses on business and mission-critical industrial campuses. It can be deployed in conjunction with new or existing LTE/5G macro and small cells. This creates a complete mobile network (standalone or integrated with the operator's mobile network) that supports the following features.

We provide for you

We offer most reliable, scalable, and secure core network powering worldwide digital transformations. It gives the opportunity to software-based LTE core to integrate with any radio and scales from small to large deployments.
It is certified to work with radio access networks (RAN) from many of the top vendors and innovative new companies. It is scalable from support of millions of subscribers, as well as fit into smaller enterprise deployments while still offering the high reliability of carrier-grade networks.

It functions as a complete stand-alone network and can also interoperate with existing operator networks via 3GPP standard interfaces.

pLTE Core software, in combination with macro, small cell base stations or leaky feeders, is the optimal solution for implementing mobile edge and private networks, while at the same time implementing the centralized functions required for them to function as an "interconnection of networks" and enable roaming with national mobile operators.

Perfect fit for industries...

  • Business critical and mission-critical networks
  • Airports, ports, hospitals, industrial, oil and gas, mines, critical infrastructure, etc 
  • Mining - underground and surface.
  • Venues or events - TV /radio broadcast.
  • Government/public safety - emergency response.

You will gain

  • Industry leading, comprehensive feature set including MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, PCRF, IMS/VoLTE, eMBMS - native support for VoLTE and LTE Broadcast 
  • Fast installation and deployment - network is up and running in minutes.
  • Customizable API capabilities for integration with existing customer backends, third-party products, OSS/BSS, etc 
  • 5G-ready architecture and features (user/control plane separation, network slicing, virtualization, open orchestration).
  • High availability features that leverage commercial geo-redundant network design experience to eliminate single points of failure.



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