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Mobile Private Network

brings a whole new level of connectivity and security to industry and enterprises.

5G offers high speeds, ultra-low latency and unprecedented reliability, and ease of coverage compared to Wi-Fi. 5G-based solutions enable more efficient and powerful digitalisation of operations and processes than ever before.

LTE provides speeds, security and coverage needed in enterprise environments for critical communications and advanced IIoT applications. Big advantage is that it can be used with Tier 1 vendor radio solutions or existing mobile operator radios.

For whom?

Manufacturing digitalisation

We offer pLTE and 5G Mobile Private Networks for the digitalisation of industry, leading to increased levels of automation. We combine experience from IT and OT worlds with telco flavor to deliver end-to-end solutions covering all segments from device side to RAN & Core and also upper layer applications such as VoNR, MCx and IIoT platforms.

5G MPN provides secure and dedicated mobile connectivity for enterprises, making it ideal for business and mission critical applications with stringent SLA. It provides enhanced coverage and reliability, enabling large industrial or enterprise sites to stay connected and productive in remote or challenging environments.


Software defined with Automation

To realise the full potential of MPNs, a cloud-native architecture is required in the core, corresponding to the 5G standalone implementation (5G SA). All basic network functions from the Control Plane and User Plane perspectives are provided as microservices on COTS hardware or in the cloud, where logic is delivered as small, modular stateless services. 

The network functions of the 5G core can also be moved to the edge of the network to meet low latency requirements for communication with critical machines. By leveraging the power of 5G technology based on industry standards, future-proof and advanced use cases can be delivered to support your digital transformation.

Mobile Private Networks

Use Cases for Industries

With S&T Iskratel's 5G MPN, telecoms and enterprises can automate operations, reduce security risks, and protect employees from hazardous environments. Private networks can be easily combined with automated robots on production lines and real-time pipeline monitoring at utilities, asset tracking in logistics and even securing group calls in emergency situations.

5G & Cloud

Industry insights

We are FUTURE oriented with our development and focused on the improvement of industries.
Industrial TSN implementation
(Time-sensitive Networking) defines a set of IEEE standards primarily developed for ethernet but with 5G wireless segment kicks in.
5G in Railways (FRMCS)
Kontron closely follows developments through its membership in many dedicated organisations (UNIFE, ETSI) and actively contributes to the emerging FRMCS standardisation documents.
5G for Safety (PPDR)
The aim of the project is to bring new applications in heterogenous environments.

Use case video

5G video train inspection

5G technology enables preventive maintenance on track and ability to react faster when needed. Drones connected through 5G to the train provide additional data needed for safer and better experience.

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