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eCall Node


    eCall offers significat advantages to all traffic participants. Simulations show that use of eCall halves emergency services response time in the countryside, and enables even 60% faster arrival of the first responders to the crash site in the rural areas.

    In case of a crash, an eCall-enabled car automatically calls the nearest emergency centre. Even if no passenger is able to speak a 'Minimum Set of Data' (MSD) is sent, which includes the exact location of the crash site. Shortly after the accident, emergency services therefore know about the accident and where exactly it happened. The quicker response could save thousands of lives in the EU every year.

    The severity of injuries will be considerably reduced in tens of thousands of cases. eCall will also result in faster treatment of injured people, thereby giving accident victims better recovery prospects. Arriving at the accident scene sooner will also allow faster clearance of crash sites, thus reducing the risk of secondary accidents, decreasing congestion times, cutting fuel waste and lowering CO2 emissions.


    For latest EENA Operations Document on eCall visit Below you can find document version 2.0 dated august 2014.

    Iskratel eCall Node

    Iskratel eCall Node is a scalable, flexible and future-proof platform suitable for upgrading existing PSAPs with eCall functionality. Providing advanced features eCall Node is also fit for cloud service models and provision of value added services on top of eCall.

    Variety of Network and Data Interfaces

    • TDM interfaces: SS7, ISDN PRA, ISDN BRI
    • VoIP interfaces: SIP, SIP-I/T, IMS SIP

    Open data interface for integration with national databases and/or other relevant resources in order to obtain information that is necessary for dealing with an eCall (e.g. interpretation of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), presentation of vehicle type and model, etc.):

    • Https, SOAP, REST, XML, ODBC…

    Intelligent  Routing of Voice and Data:

    • Routing of calls defined on the basis of different variables:
    • Parameters received by MSD (GPS, automatically/manually triggered call, …)
    • Parameters received by telephony signalling (Called Party Number, Cell Global Identity - CGI, …)
    • Multi-level (multi-stage) routing
    • Filtering of routed data (MSD) dependent on user/destination

    High availability

    • Redundant configuration of all vital parts is available
    • Geo-redundancy option

    High grade scalability

    • Different HW platforms providing wide range of capacities: from small-capacity decentralized solutions (e.g. individual PSAP modernization) to high-capacity centralized solutions, where multiple PSAPs can be upgraded by one single eCall Node

    eCall Node application in the cloud

    • Orchestration with commercial applications
    • Integration with VIN, EUCARIS, and other databases

    Future-proof solution

    • eCall Node is NG eCall ready

    eCall Node is Iskratel’s response to eCall deployment challenges. It is extremely cost effective solution, which fits into any environment.

    Governments cut spending, and eCall deployment is not usually the first priority.  Investments are mainly expected after European obligation.

    • A simple, fast and cost-effective deployment option is preferred.

    Capacity and channelling issue. How many calls should be handled at the same time?

    • A scalable, easily expandable solution is needed.

    Load balancing. How should eCalls be handled in order to avoid overload situations at 112 centres and emergency control rooms?

    • Routing to different PSAPs and skill-based routing to different groups of operators is desirable.

    What type of PSAP organization should be chosen in order to support the eCall service in the way best suited to national specifics?

    • Different architectural options shall be available.

    The mobile network operators are rapidly shifting to all-IP network infrastructure (LTE) also referred to as a 4G mobile technology.

    • Future-safe solution open for NG eCall deployment is preferable
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