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As global energy consumption continues to grow; energy companies are striving to create a more sustainable energy market and reduce their carbon footprint. This highlights a critical need for safe and cost-effective energy solutions that offer increased reliability and efficiency.

How is our Smart Energy shaping the future?

Both Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Distribution System Operator (DSO) face increased operational complexity and grid planning challenges. To overcome these challenges, perfect visibility, numerous real-time calculations, and ongoing analysis are required. To overcome outage planning challenges and increase reliability, European grids need to use their interconnectors efficiently and be aware of certain grid conditions such as capacity, generation surplus, consumption demand, flexibility, and others. This is the reason why the smart grid concept has been developed and the urgency of its implementation has increased.
We believe that interoperability, information sharing and leveraging data is the critical value that smart grids have to offer in mitigating these challenges. By implementing IEC Common Information Model (CIM), our SHAPE provides the foundation for smart grid participation. The common ontology enables seamless collaboration operation between internal IT/OT systems, but more importantly, it enables compliance with all the rules. It delivers a common communication “language” between DSOs, regional coordinators and other TSOs by providing the means to implement network codes.

Domain Applications

We recognize that what you do with data and how you extract information is more important than the quality of data itself. To provide means for managing the information models, to support sustainable grid operations, and to ensure business intelligence, we have developed several applications for:

  • grid network modelling and management,
  • supporting smart relay protection,
  • analytics and forecasting,
  • multivendor smart meter (IoT) integration,
  • microgrid management,
  • and possibility for seamless 3rd party application integration.

Network Model Manager

Digital substation
The Network Model Manager (NMM) tool is the primary enabler of a CIM and provides a consolidated approach to transmission network model management. It is designed to help utilities transition their operations to a standardised, consolidated network model and case management.

Smart Protection Support

Peak demand management
The Smart Protection Support (SPS) system contains several software modules that provide Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) departments of various power utilities with options for automatic protection setting calculations, analysis of protection operation during faults towards condition-based maintenance.

Data-driven Forecasting

Market procurement
The Analytical module is designed for discovering patterns of behaviour to predict various phenomena. It allows you to create predictions, calculate cost effectiveness and even create your own model algorithm to see differences between the predicted and actual calculations.

Individual Grid Model Exchange

IGM exchange
"The automated Individual Grid Model Exchange module provides wide-ranging connectivity between different smart meters and devices, which is a critical component in energy conservation efforts, while helping customers use resources more efficiently and providing utilities with the insights, they need to optimize infrastructure."

Intelligent Microgrid Management

Advanced protection monitoring
The Intelligent Microgrid Management (IMM) is the optimal tool for local consumers, system integrators, and power sales companies. It enables continuous management of the state of the equipment, reduce energy costs, and offers further possibilities in power supply at battery production sites, office buildings, and off-grid system in remote settlements.

Data Integration Platform SHAPE

Industrial IoT Platform
A future-proof ecosystem for building next-generation applications while utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. It is a platform for connecting a wide range of different data sources allowing enterprises to ingest all data on a cloud-based system.

Data Integration Platform SHAPE

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power outages and system blackouts due to human factor


OPEX per year on Protection maintenance


power system observability

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