Real-time Information and Notification System - Iskratel

Real-time Information and Notification System (RINS)

is an efficient, tailored and cost-effective solution which improves operator-to-customer communication by delivering real-time and dynamic passenger information in various forms, enhancing the customer transit experience.
The solution enables the distribution of any type of information to any location, providing one solution for audio and visual announcements. 

It integrates with the railway’s interlocking system and GPS positioning facility to capture real-time location data and compares captured data with reference timetables and automatic message generation to facilitate accurate, dynamic passenger information available in real-time.
  • Advanced modules to deliver tailored solutions dependent on customer-specific needs.
  • A manageable solution - easy to operate, maintain and troubleshoot.
  • High audio and visual quality.
  • Live and pre-defined announcements.
  • Supports different visual technologies (including LED TFT LCD, digital signage and smart devices).

Single platform for Communications and Notifications

Modular and scalable system architecture with dedicated application enables use for various applications. All modules are based on advanced and proven technologies and can be tailored to customer-specific requirements.