Traffic Management Center - Iskratel

We help road operators optimize traffic

and avoid congestion on the busiest sections.
Track what's happening on the road, where we provide a software solution based on extensive expertise in GIS data analytics, data integration and AI
We help develop better traffic management to limit traffic congestion and avoid traffic accidents. The system helps you collect and analyze valuable traffic data and put it to work for your business.

We enrich traffic management systems

with data on vehicle flows, traffic accidents, weather conditions, and road repairs collected from municipalities, urban infrastructure developers, and third-party vendors. We focus on saturating integrated traffic management systems with the most relevant and up-to-date enriched and consumable mapping data. Road traffic monitoring software can become your competitive advantage in finding optimized urban traffic flows, predictable arrival times and efficient supply chains.

Collect, structure and manage traffic data sourced from vehicle sensors, broadcast streams, weather stations, government organizations and private data providers to get a complete picture of live traffic from all angles.

Integrate multiple data sources to create consistent, accurate, and insightful views of traffic using traffic flow analysis, data validation and filtering, map matching, closure detection, and incident extraction.

Use the collected, analyzed, and visualized data to create real-time traffic monitoring systems and traffic centers to manage and optimize transportation networks, influence infrastructure development, and improve the quality of life in cities.

We are combining the latest technologies such as 5G and connected sensors to provide enough data for real-time traffic monitoring systems with centralized device management and robust access to online traffic services.

Build a cloud infrastructure for traffic management technologies enhanced with modern practices for secure and stable operation of your traffic management program.

Consolidate the vast amount of data collected from connected vehicles, mobile devices, web services, weather stations and road infrastructure to gain actionable insights and automate traffic decisions.

You will gain:

    collect and process data and create shared operational images
    analyse traffic, detect hazards and improve situational awareness
    advanced decision support and communication
  • Fully functional Center with TIC/TCC platform, data warehouse, video wall, workstations…
  • City maps (by choice: OSM, Here, TomTom, custom)
  • All available data sets (traffic counter, traffic cams, VMS…)
  • DATEXII warehouse
  • DATEXII data exchange with National Access Point  & National agencies:
    • users through the apps
    • operators all highway and state roads data from the NAP

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