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White Paper
Low-Capex Trap: Save 10% Now, Pay Double in Five Years?

Broadband operators have become the pillars of the new digital economy: with users dependent on their personal and business apps, 24/7 broadband connectivity is crucial for maintaining and creating new business opportunities for operators and OTT providers alike.
The operators are aware of the odds: keep up with the demand or bust. Sadly, too often they find themselves locked in, stuck with non-upgradeable infrastructure, operating several generations of equipment at the same time. Instead of introducing new services and attracting customers, they are witnessing their operational and maintenance costs soar. How did they get there in the first place?
Download the white paper and learn:
  • How to avoid getting locked in with inferior technology that hinders your business;
  • How the trap of low initial capex causes your TCO to double, and how to avoid that;
  • How to prolong the investment cycle, and skip several hardware-upgrade cycles;
  • How to exploit programmable hardware to slash your OpEx by up to 70%.


White Paper