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The Innbox family

Stunning design and reliable services over fibre, copper, cable and powerline.

Innbox CPE


Iskratel's award-winning Innbox family includes universal home gateways, home gateways for fibre and copper access, and fibre-termination units. Innbox home gateways relieve the operators from superfluous helpdesk tickets and help them solve the issues at a fraction of the cost: excelling in monitoring and diagnostics, Innbox home gateways enable operators to remotely optimise numerous settings, including Wi‑Fi transmission speeds and transmit power. 

Connecting and centrally managing satellite access points, Innbox home gateways provide unparalleled Wi‑Fi performance and experience to users that have come to believe that wireless services should be available at any time, on any device, and anywhere – even in the farthest corner of their homes and offices.
  • Lower deployment costs with faster FTTH installation 
  • Simplified and unified management and provisioning 
  • Customisation to operator's needs 
  • Exquisite support 
  • Excellent industrial design 
  • Supreme overvoltage protection

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Innbox home gateways

  • Innbox G69

  • Innbox F60

  • PLC500M


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    Maximising In-house Wi-Fi Coverage
    and Performance with Mesh Wi-Fi

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