Industry Insights - 2022 - Iskratel
21. 11. 2022

Unlocking next-generation fibre broadband in the UK market

Internet traffic has continued to climb exponentially as our dependency on reliable and ubiquitous connectivity has intensified following the global pandemic.
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26. 9. 2022

FTTH and 5G FWA: A partnership to connect the world

Governments all around the world are setting their goals for a connected society, ensuring internet access to as many citizens as possible, if not for everyone.
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20. 9. 2022

Customisation of CPE: Why on Earth?

Customisation and personalisation have become a part of almost every aspect of our life – in one form or another.
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10. 6. 2022

PON evolution beyond 10G: 25G or 50G?

Where do we go from the current 10-gigabit PON era? Which one is the next winner, 25-gigabit or 50-gigabit PON? What have we learned from the past upgrade cycles?
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31. 3. 2022

ZX-GS PON: Should I stay or should I go?

Remember the good old days and the ZX-Spectrum-vs-PC dilemma? As oversimplified as it may seem, the dilemma about when to transition to XGS-PON has all the same ingredients.
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1. 3. 2022

A case for fibre-optic rollout in the countryside

Rural areas are experiencing a kind of renaissance, with digitalisation promising equal living conditions in towns and in the countryside. The foundation for this must, however, first be created by fibre-optic rollout. How can that work with customer potential low and investments high?
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